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Body Contouring

Accent Prime is Alma Lasers most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.
The platform combines the latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments with natural, long lasting results.

The US energy is distributed homogenously throughout the treatment area, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells.

RF power is then used to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue, resulting in more concentrated energy treatment. This unique combination reduces treatment time and number of sessions while yielding more powerful results.

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"They picked the perfect name, as it really is, All About You!

Dori took the time to address my skincare concerns and customized treatments to my specific needs and lifestyle. Pricing is upfront, there was a special being offered which I was able to add to my appointment, and that was very much appreciated. IMHO, Dori’s natural “less is more” approach along with her expertise on various treatment protocols gave me a beautiful outcome AND a great sense of confidence. Thank you Dori!"

-J. Stevens

"Dori is such an amazing nurse practitioner and always puts the patient first. She works obsessively on her craft to make sure she brings the best to her practice. Dori is so in tune with her patients that she will most likely answer your questions before you even say them:).  I have had hormone replacement pellets from her and the Morpheus 8 for skin tightening and always felt at ease with her! Will absolutely be going back!"


- Andrew Kapke

"Dori is amazing at her craft! She has many years of experience in healthcare, she even delivered my son 7 years ago! So I trust her with all my beauty and skincare needs! I came to Dori to help reduce visible lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. I was very pleased with the visit. She explained everything thoroughly so that I could understand what to expect, and her bedside manner is amazing! She will make you feel so comfortable and at ease. From offering water, to warm blankets, and discussing other health issues, she delivers amazing service. Thank you Dori! Can't wait to come back again."


- Andrea Raulston

   Fitness/Bikini Competitor


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