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BioTe Hormone Replacement 

"I love love love love love how I’ve been feeling as we work towards optimized hormone ranges. My testosterone levels were wicked low and I had soooo many of the symptoms.

Since my pellets I’ve experienced increased energy and stamina, a lot! Fewer and easy to kick migraines, also my olfactory triggers don’t trigger me! Mental clarity from the moment I wake up. A random uncomfortable thought doesn’t throw me into an abyss of sadness and depression. I did not know I was still struggling with depression until I just wasn’t. My libido is fantastic.

I finally feel like I’m showing up for myself every damn day! No longer stuck on autopilot and running only on fumes and prayers. There are many mornings I wake up and feel sooo blessed, so grateful that I get to feel this good. The changes have been huge body and mind.

If you know anyone that is around me regularly, they have seen the change. My only regret was not starting sooner."

- Nicole C.


"I have been on the program for just over 10 months and couldn't be happier. Energy over the top. Weight training is back underway and going strong. Sleeping much better & get up when alarm first goes more snooze button. Color is back in my face. I would recommend 'All About You' Highly. 5 out of 5 stars."


- John Michaels

   KDBR Morning Radio Personality

"My husband and I are both clients of All About You Wellness and Dori is the best. We have both been to another Hormone Clinic in another state and felt like we were on an assembly line and all they cared about was getting people through the clinic as fast as possible to make more money. Dori takes her time and explains everything and answers questions, she for sure cares about what she does and her clients.

We are so happy we found Dori."


- Sonja Steven

Knowledgeable, personalized and professional service every time. Friendly staff and a clean welcoming office space. Highly recommend."


- N. Valentine


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