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New Patients

  • What is the process for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
    Your first appt is a simple blood test. We get the results back in several days and then schedule you for a consult. Our Provider takes your lab results and combines those with your medical history, signs and symptoms checklist to determine if you’re a HRT candidate, tells you what we found and how we can fix it. At this time, you have enough information to make an informed decision on how you’d like to proceed. The treatment only takes about 10 minutes and we can do it during the consultation appointment. 4-6 weeks after that we will bring you in for another blood test to ensure we hit our desired target levels. The pelleting procedure for women is repeated every 3-4 months. For men it’s every 4-6 months. There are no additional consultations and blood work is then scheduled once a year.
  • Does Insurance Cover the cost of Hormone Replacement Therapy?
    All About You Wellness and Aesthetics does not accept or bill insurance but will provide you with limited documentation you can give your insurance provider if you're seeking reimbursement. The paperwork we give you is all we have. Some insurance companies may reimburse for certain procedures, so please check with them first. Payment is due after services are rendered. Reimbursement by your insurance company is not guaranteed and is your responsibility. We will not communicate with your insurance company, please do not have them contact us. ​

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff with wide array of products and services to meet my needs. Dori is thorough in her evaluation, and made me feel comfortable with the procedures regarding my treatment by thoroughly educating me. Excellent beside manner! Will return. Thank you!"


- Stefanie Taylor

My husband and I are both clients of All About You Wellness and Dori is the best. We have both been to another Hormone Clinic in another state and felt like we were on an assembly line and all they cared about was getting people through the clinic as fast as possible to make more money. Dori takes her time and explains everything and answers questions, she for sure cares about what she does and her clients. We are so happy we found Dori.

~ Sonja Stephen

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