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Sexual Health for Women & Men


Men see a measurable increase in girth, length and stamina with more intense orgasms.  Colloquially, these treatments are known as the 'O-Shot' and the 'P-Shot'.  We incorporate your bodies own natural healing mechanisms to repair and enhance your sexual health and performance.

Sexual dysfunction negatively impacts otherwise normal, healthy relationships.  It's unnecessary and completely fixable.

Schedule your consultation today and let us get you back on the path to Sexual Health!

What exactly is Sexual Health?  Simply put, it's the ability and desire to perform sexually and share the pleasures of sex. 

Age, injury and disease all play a role in our ability to perform and enjoy sexual intimacy.  As we age, we've been conditioned to believe sex is something that diminishes over time.  NOT TRUE.  With the correct treatments, we can overcome these issues and have the desire, performance and stamina we enjoyed as younger adults.

Disease and injury can also affect our sexual ability.  Again, with the correct treatments we can overcome injury/disease and experience a fulfilling sexual relationship.  In addition to the sexual benefits, this treatment has been shown to drastically improve incontinence in women.

Sexual Health isn't necessarily about fixing things.  Sometimes it's about enhancing performance and experience.  Not suffering from age, illness or injury but just want to increase stamina and pleasure?  We have the answer for that too.  Our treatments have been shown to increase stamina, desire and pleasure.  Women report experiencing more frequent/intense orgasms and our treatments also help women who have a hard time achieving orgasm. 

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